FDASHO presents...

Only on Ethereum.

Hoppy took all the volume in the forest....

And now Sneppy is pissed.

"In the moonlit forest, tranquility shattered. Hoppy, a frog with a fever for fanfare, filled the night with unbearable noise. The once peaceful forest now echoed with cacophony.From the shadows, Sneppy, a silent sentinel, decided to act. Moved by the call for silence, he embarked on an epic journey to dethrone the reign of noise.""Sneppy invites you to join the mission of restoring tranquility. Join the silent revolution and help restore peace and harmony to the blockchain. Journey with Sneppy into the brilliance of the moonlit night, where silence reigns and prosperity unfolds."

Help Sneppy restore balance to the blockchain.

Welcome to the revolution.🔥